If you use ublock origin blocked wrong element in website by mistake

  • Click uBlock icon, then click gear icon to open the dashboard.
  • Go to 'My Filters' tab.
  • Delete the last line/section.
  • Click "Apply Changes".

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In Windows 11, if you can't choose 'Display orientation' because it's greyed out and you're using an extra screen, try this: First, change how the screens show (for example, from 'Only show on 2' to 'Duplicate'). Then, change it back. This might let you select 'Display orientation' again.

Study Japanese with intention and consistency. It's okay if the progress is small, but ensure it's uninterrupted. Additionally, make a habit of recording what I've learned.

If you notice that VSCode automatically selects an autocomplete option when you press the dot '.', you can disable this behavior by changing the following setting:
    "editor.acceptSuggestionOnCommitCharacter": false

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When using Pop!_OS with a Logitech mouse and keyboard, if I connect the mouse via the Logitech dongle, my Logitech keyboard doesn't appear in Bluetooth searches. I must connect the mouse through Bluetooth to detect and connect the keyboard to Pop!_OS.

三体看完了,内容感觉少了点,人物表现的不太够,进展太快了,就看见特效和故事的明显改动,剩下的叙事只能靠原著脑补,但又朦朦胧胧对不上,整剧看完只记得 auggie 挺好看,故事线全忘了



sifu 打通关你就会学到什么是武德


我最近听了重轻最新一期不在场播客,感觉很棒,里面也提到了一些 YouTube 视频等有意思的内容,突然觉得自己每天的屏幕时间都在屎里淘金


Industrial revolution = mass production & factories. ChatGPT = robots that talk like people. Both revolutionized production & tech. #AI #history

This was generated by chatGPT.



上次看祭典活动,一个看似菲裔的中年胖胖大叔倚着栏杆,看着面前一个接一个的节目,小朋友 cosplay ,年轻人杂耍表演,老奶奶跳民族舞......我活到这个岁数估计也是个瘦瘦中年大叔,不知道彼时的我在哪儿,能看什么,旁边会不会有像我一样的年轻人。

助眠小妙招:在想要入睡的时候看 3d 视频把自己搞晕(


如龙里的堂吉诃德是元宇宙里的 NFT 吗

Setting attribute values to undefined can save on storage and transmission costs, as the attribute names will not be encoded. However, this can complicate the semantics of clearing values vs. absent values.

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Do not shoot this.