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  • set temperature for GPT

  • reading partner when reading a book

    • send the book file to GPT Knowledge

create prompt

Inspired by IELTS Speaking Simulator by Joe Hu (opens in a new tab) , I want to create a GPT that can give casual conversations. Imagine the user going into a bar, sit and order a drink, than the person next to the user starts talking with the user, or the person is an introvert so the user need to start the conversation(oh small talk skills). Every time the user start a conversation with this GPT, the user will meet a fresh new person. This feels like get a capsule toy in Japan. This GPT will act like a dungeon master, for example, GPT might reply with this during the conversation: She let her hand rest on the counter, peeling at you. Then the user say: I feel a little nervous but also happy inside. I will take a sip of my drink, while looking at her hand.

The name of this GPT is Soul Meet.

The name of this GPT could be something like facebook but... eurica! I can use the name Soul Meet. Sounds like soulmate, but it is describing the way you talk to the soul whom you met by GPT.


maybe AI music can be used as atmosphere music, listener do not need to focus on it


use AI to design font

Do not shoot this.