https://docs.emailengine.app/how-i-turned-my-open-source-project-into/ (opens in a new tab) How I turned my open-source project into a business

Selling to business customers is definitely more reliable and predictable than depending on the goodwill of random people.

https://invertedpassion.com/why-time-seems-to-pass-faster-as-we-age/ (opens in a new tab) Why time seems to pass faster as we age

the solution to slowing down time is to travel physically or mentally,

19/ So an existential crisis is a spoiler alert for life. The brain with all its predictive models asks: is this all to life? But it’s mistaken – it’s all only to the life that it has chosen to live.

20/ A (radically) different life that it can’t predict will keep brain at its toes. The key word here is “radically”. The smaller the change, the less memorable the time.

https://shopping.bookoff.co.jp/used/0019774538 (opens in a new tab) 個人型確定拠出年金iDeCo活用入門 改訂新版 一番やさしい!一番くわしい! https://www.youtube.com/retirejapan_OG (opens in a new tab) RetireJapan – Personal Finance in Japan https://sendaiben.org/now/ (opens in a new tab) RetireJapan

https://github.com/rickcogley (opens in a new tab) I'm the founder of a boutique IT services company called eSolia, based in Tokyo. https://esolia.com/ (opens in a new tab) https://cogley.jp/ (opens in a new tab)

https://ryoheiwatanabe.io/now/ (opens in a new tab) Eight Values https://www.eightvalues.com/companies/amptalk/jobs/software-engineer (opens in a new tab)

https://sive.rs/now (opens in a new tab) https://nownownow.com/about (opens in a new tab)

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