Study Figma

study figma

  • Learn Web Design For Beginners - Full Course (2024) (opens in a new tab)

  • marks:

    • learned: I think I learned something when I see
    • excited: I got excited when I see
    • annoyed: I got annoyed when I see
  • learned: using pen and paper to note the sections of a website

  • learned: drawing the basic layout sketch with pen and paper

  • annoyed: youtube won't let me play/pause by hit the space key for no reason

    • have to relearn the muscle memory to use "K" key to play/pause

collect similar designs, find the pattern,

  • color scheme
    • primary
    • secondary
    • text
    • gradient
    • dark mode
  • font style
    • serif/sans serif/mono/condense/handwritten
    • font weight
    • font size
  • layout
    • designs for every section
    • nav bar
    • heading
    • body
  • logo design





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